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About Egypt

Geographical position:

the state in northeast of Africa and a southwest of Asia. In the east borders on Israel, in the south - with Sudan, in the West - with Libya. In the north it is washed by Mediterranean sea, in the east - Red sea

State system:

the head of the state and supreme commander in chief of armed forces is the president. The maximum legislature - National assembly.


Cairo - about 18 million person

The area:

about 1 million sq. km

The population:

more than 65 million chel.


an official language - Arabian. Literary Arabian language uniform, however a spoken language in Egypt differs from language of the next Arabian countries, there are dialects in Cairo, the Top and the Bottom Egypt. Also are used English, French, berberskij


national currency - pound (EGP). The Egyptian pound will consist of 100 piasters and 1000 mil'em.


a climate tropical, mainly deserted, at coast of Mediterranean sea - subtropical. It is hot in the summer. In May-September the temperature of air in Cairo makes approximately 35-40 degrees of heat, in December-February - 20-25 degrees in the afternoon. In the south of the country hotly, on coast of Mediterranean sea is little bit colder. In the winter at night cool. As a whole the night temperature of degrees on ten is lower, than in the afternoon. The hottest time: July - October.


the another's currency can be imported without restrictions; to take out no more than five thousand dollars on the person. Export of national Egyptian currency is forbidden. At import and export of the significant currency sums it is necessary to fill at customs at the airport in the currency declaration. Subjects of a private use can be imported into the country and to take out from the country without the customs declaration. Video cameras (cameras and accessories to them in the declaration to specify it is not required) are subject to declaring. To take out from the country it is authorized the goods for the sum up to 200 Egyptian pounds. Tourists in the age of are more senior than 20 years can to take with itself up to 1 l alcoholic drinks and 2 l beer, than 15 years - 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars are more senior. Export from Egypt of subjects of olden time is forbidden. Export of corals and other sea flora and fauna (even picked up on coast) is forbidden by the law. In case of infringement of the given interdiction you will be fined for 1000 US dollars.

The helpful information for tourists: water from under the crane to drink it is not recommended. To call home it is better from the payphone in the street. For this purpose it is necessary to buy a telephone card. In this case one minute of conversation will cost about one dollar. If you call home from hotel, cost of one minute of conversation will make approximately 3 dollars, thus cost of conversation for 3 minutes even if nobody has answered you will be automatically charged. A feed: it is necessary to mean, that for a supper all drinks will be offered at additional expense. The formula " All inclusive " in each hotel different, but exists a rule for all hotels - free-of-charge drinks are necessarily poured in glasses. All drinks in bottles are paid in addition. A pressure in a network - 220 volt of 50 Hz

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  • Map of Egypt

  • Nile Valley-Cairo

  • Red Sea & Sinai

  • Luxor Map


    Map of Egypt

    Egypt Map

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    Nile Valley-Cairo Map

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    Luxor Map

    Luxor Map

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